Card Name: 
Tazkira (also Taskera)
Issuing Agency: 
Ministry of Interior Affairs
Voluntary or Mandatory: 
Information on the Card: 
ID Number
Birth Date
Date of Issue
Biometric Technology on the Card: 

An electronic national identity card (e-Tazkira) with biometric information is scheduled to be issued to all citizens. However, distribution has been delayed by debates over the inclusion of nationality. 

Biometric information stored on the new electronic identity cards will include fingerprints and digital photos, along with information on family status and place of residence. 


The Government of Afghanistan first announced plans for an electronic national identity card in 2009, with implementation scheduled to begin in 2013. 

Controversy over the omission of information on ethnic identity from the proposed cards delayed their distribution; despite a proposed amendment to include both ethnicity and nationality, the new identity cards remain a subject of political dispute.

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