Swiss identity card
Source: http://www.schweizerpass.admin.ch/pass/fr/home/ausweise/identitaetskarte
Card Name: 
Date Issued: 
January 1995
Issuing Agency: 
Federal Office of Police
Voluntary or Mandatory: 
Information on the Card: 
ID Number
Birth Date
Date of Issue
Years Valid
Other Information on the Card: 

Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)

Card Purpose: 

to prove Swiss nationality and identity

Costs to User: 

68 CHF = 56 EUR



An identity card was first issued in the Canton of Solothurn in 1940 as «Identitätsausweis für Schweizerbürger» (identity document for Swiss citizens) two weeks after the begin of the German attack in the west and the mobilization of the Swiss army that followed. While the Swiss Government only recommended such a card on May 18th 1940 to better control the civilian population, the state of Solothurn (which partly borders France) made it mandatory. Other states followed.

In July 1994 this new plastic card replaced the old Card which was printed on blue paper. The new card was first introduced as a pilot Project in July 1994 and then as a definitive Project in January 1995. In 2003 with the launch of a new passport, the identity card was modified. A kinegram (anti-counterfeit device) was introduced for better security. The eye colour of the cardholder was removed and the sex introduced.